Price: 22.79 - 15.95

Product Description:
Great for Strength Training Programs
The angled barbell facilitates movements that are simply impossible with a traditional barbell or dumbbell. A portable straight grip landmine attachment allows you to target your lats for a well-rounded workout. The dual-handle attachment is great for row exercises, which will help you develop your back, shoulders, forearms, triceps, and biceps. You can increase the difficulty of many exercises such as Deadlifts, Squats & Single Arm Rows/Presses.
Simply insert an bar into the sleeve and start training today to see the increased muscle strength and size just after 6 weeks of proper training!

Product Specification:
Name: V-shaped Bar Row Handle
Material: Steel + Rubber
Colour: Black
Size: 47*41cm/18.5*16.1inches
Inner diameter: 5.1cm/2inches
Weight: 2.3kg/5lb

Packing List:
V-shaped Bar Row Handle*1

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1.Effective Use: Our V bar row handle is reinforced solid steel gussets with tubula sleeves that can slide onto poles, which can w

2.For Safety Design: With the design of a high-density and high-quality sweat-absorbent Non-slip rubber handle, this V bar row bar

3.Tough & Durable: You can get a full-body workout from your V straight grip landmine handle, which is made of solid steel, ensuri

4.Suit All 2″ Bars: Compatible with straight bars of any length, our V-shaped bar row grip can be used to your various exercises.

5.Versatile Training: All kinds of extended training can do all-round exercise, this V-shaped bar landmine grip is equipped with v