Price: 172.68


1. LCD Display: Displays possible metal types, depth of target, range of discs and notch, sensor level and battery condition. It also has a digital display of the target.

2. Three-tone audio recognition: There are three different tones (high, medium, low) for different types of metals.

3. Gap: Ignore junk metals and find valuable items by setting the gap range.

4. Disc: Distinguish unwanted targets by setting the disc number range. The detector will not detect targets beyond the digital setting.

5. Light: For dark areas.

6.PP: Accurately locate the position of the target.

7. Ultra-slow scan identification: Identify different types of metals with very slow scan coils.

8. Headphone Jack: Allows you to connect a 3.5mm headphone (headphone not provided) and operate without a problem.

9.250mm waterproof search coil.

10. Adjustable Shaft: Allows you to adjust the length of the shaft for ease of use.

Power supply: Two 9-volt alkaline batteries (not included).