Price: 203.79



Stainless Steel Rechargeable Bright Flashlight
*20-70 hours battery life
*Stainless steel barrel
*SST-40 LED lamp beads
*500m long shot
*1400ML lumens
Basic parameters
Item model number: R11
Gear: third gear
Gear: strong light – soft light – flash
Endurance: 20H-70H-/
Range: 500m-200m-/
Brightness: 1400LM-400LM-/
Anti-fall height: 1.5m
Waterproof grade: IPX6
Use battery: 26800*3 lithium battery pack
Specifications: 394.5mm*53mm
Weight: 786g (without battery), 1230g (with battery)
Material: Pipe Fittings: Stainless Steel
Lamp wick: Luminus SST-40 LED lamp beads
Applicable environment: daily carrying, emergency, camping, hiking, night riding, fishing, self-defense, etc.
*The above data is for reference only, the data comes from the company’s laboratory
stainless steel material
High hardness, anti-drop, anti-corrosion, high stability, not easy to fade

IPX6 waterproof

The sustainable water resistance is 100L/MN of water spray for 3 minutes.
Easily cope with a variety of living waterproof environments.

Luminus SST-40 LED Lamp Beads

Strong light battery life 20H
Soft light battery life 70H
Strobe battery life 20H

Strong light long-range 500m
Soft light long range 200m
Strobe 500m

long battery life
Large battery capacity, can be fully charged in 8 hours;
Long battery life, strong light 20h, soft light 70h.
Use 1 cell of 3.7V 20400MAH
26800*3 lithium battery pack with protective plate
*Tips: If you don’t use it for a long time, please take out the battery to avoid chemical corrosion.

One-button control, three-speed dimming
After 10 seconds, it will automatically restore the strong light gear.
Strong Light – Soft Light – Strobe
*Warm reminder: This product is a high-brightness product, please do not irradiate it to human eyes to avoid damage.

Easy to carry
Suitable for self-defense, vehicle, broken window, patrol, outdoor search.

surface polishing
Ingenuity/Higher Pursuit

Applicable environment
Daily carry, emergency, camping, hiking, night riding, fishing, self-defense, etc.