Price: 54.72 - 24.62

Product information

Name: H-shaped push-ups

Material: Pine wood,Wood comes from New Zealand.

Dimensions: Small push-ups are about 25 cm long and Size large push-ups are about 50 cm long.

Please note that some of the pictures here are length 50cm.

Weight: Size Small push-ups weigh 1.1 kg, Size Large push-ups weigh 1.5 kg

3. characteristics:

Parallel rod wrist straight, increase torque.

Short brackets help reduce strength.

The wood has sweat absorption and skid resistance, and has buffer effect.

Durable, moth-proof, durable

Hold about 300KG load.

Packaging: 1 pair of push-ups (2pcs),Packing in a carton box.

Note: The dimension descriptions shown in the detail pages are all manual measurements. There are some errors, and there are also chromatic aberrations due to taking pictures in different light. Push-ups fixed nails, due to batch production, there will be differences between metal and black nails, but it does not affect the use effect, please understand.

(As Australia prohibits the import of timber, please forgive me for asking Australian buyers not to buy timber products.)