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Motor Phase/Hallsensor Wire Extension Wiring Harness Pure Copper Core Electric Bike Accessory Scooter SKATEBOARD Trycicyle Parts

this is extension wire for motor hallsensor wire and phase wire, that is to help customers whose phase wire or hallsensor wire is too short, and canot reach to the controller,
u can connect it with controller or hallsensor wire,
the motor wire has many different model devided according to the thickness -diameter of the phase wire .

parameter and application

2square meter=0.65mm thickness, (here 2square means the thickness of the phase wire, hallsensor wire thickness 0.2square)
2.5square thickness =0.8mm
3sqaure =thickness diameter about 9.5mm
4sqaure -outside diameter 10.5mm-3*4.0mm2+5*0.3mm2
5 square –3*5MM2+5*0.3MM2=10.5mm diameter
6square –3*6MM2+5*0.3MM2= diameter 10.5mm for 1000-1500w motor
u can choose different model according your needs
all length is 80cm,-1.2m
weight is different according to different size,
has 3 motor phase wire and 5 hallsensor wire, and all two ends has connectors
usually for motor 500W need 2.5-3/
600W-700w need 3-4square wire/
800W-900w need 5square wire
1000W -1500w need 6square .

for this kind of differential motor or hub motor

also has single hallsensor wires in sale
that is for people whos hallsensor wire breaks .
this has little profit,
only to make your work easier, quantity order will get discount