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Gel Cold Sleeve Wrap Gel Cold Compression Sleeve Treatment for Biceps for Knees


1. PAIN RELIEF AND TREATMENT: Gel cold sleeve wrap is reusable and provides relief from injury, rehabilitation for running or jogging.
2. WIDE USAGE: Gel cold sleeve wrap ideal for knees, elbows, biceps, hamstrings, thighs, quads, calves or ankles.
3. SAFE AND RELIABLE: Gel cold elbow sleeves are easy to use, cold, natural remedies and safe for everyday use.
4. FOR RECOVERY: Gel cold compression sleeve facilitates exercise and faster recovery and can be part of any rehabilitation or recovery programme.
5. SAFE GEL MATERIAL: Cold sleeves wraps are made from a premium gel material that is safe, non toxic and odourless for extended use.


Item Type: Gel Cold Sleeve Wrap
Material: Gel, Cotton Fiber

Package List:

1 x Gel Cold Sleeve Wrap 


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