Price: 5,79 - 5,22

Note: Please do not stay close to the fire source, dangerous goods. Please keep it in a cool place. This product should not be handed over to children to avoid unnecessary accidents.
Benefits of Using Massager:
1. Stay away from sub-health.
2. Enhance human immunity.
Fixed position massage and targeted promotion of joints and soothes muscles, promoting blood circulation.
3. Improve the body function.
Massage can improve lymphatic drainage, relax muscles and maintain body balance.
4. Conditioning gastrointestinal function.
Massage can improve gastrointestinal function, promote metabolism, improve indigestion, relieve constipation and other symptoms.
5. Improve sleep quality.
6. Promote blood circulation.
Massage can increase the blood circulation of the muscles, help the endotoxin and metabolites of the cells to be excreted, making the body feel relaxed

Product name; Massage on the body of the body and massage the body of the body.
Product materials; plastic
Product function; Body massage, point.
Suitable site; The legs. Neck, arms, back
Product real-beat diagram