Price: 10.40

Product Details

Wick: White wick

Material: aluminum alloy

Bright light battery life: 4-12 hours

Battery: 18650/26650

Package includes: rope, Type-C, flashlight

Colour: Black

Charging method: Type-C

Waterproof grade: life waterproof

Shockproof: yes

Size: 17.2*4.6*3.5cm

Gears: five gears (strong light, medium light, low light, flash,SOS)

Fixed focus: telescopic ZOOM

Conversion method: button

<<About white flashlight>>

This white flashlight is different from ordinary flashlights. It is much brighter than ordinary flashlights. At the same time, it has an ultra-long-distance focusing function. After focusing, ordinary flashlights have a range of about 500 meters, but this white flashlight is directly up to 5000 meters. It is true Long shot king!