Price: $249.57
(as of Oct 01,2022 21:08:56 UTC – Details)

Break the Ethernet 100 meter distance barrier with the Ocean Matrix OMX-E2F Fast Ethernet to Fiber converter. Distribute IEEE 802.3x standard 100Base-T signals over SC fiber for long distance internet sharing and LAN creation. Great for outside broadcast, live events and field productions to distribute internet access to multiple points over longer distances. The Ocean Matrix OMX-E2F is also perfect for where high level electromagnetic interference (EMI) may be causing data corruption on copper-based Ethernet links. Fiber converted transmission systems protect your data from EMI and also future proof your network by means of additional bandwidth capacity. This transmitter and receiver system is capable of singlemode signal sends up to 12 miles and multimode signal sends over 1,600 feet. Signals may also be converted from fiber to UTP. The transmitter and receiver are housed in field rugged enclosures which are compact for mounting almost anywhere inconspicuously.
Transmission Distance: 12.43 miles/20km Singlemode, 1640 feet/500 meters Multimode
Standalone (UTP to SC Fiber or SC Fiber to UTP) or End to End Applications
Single Fiber SC Connector to RJ45 Ethernet Connector
Convenient Uplink to Switches and Hubs through a UTP Uplink Port