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car body shell

car body shell



2.4GHz full-function radio control system

The control range covers 80 meters approximately with stability. It supports more people who are competing in the same place without disturbing each other.

Throttle trim can adjust speed, limit the output of power, which makes the play happy and safer for children.

Get an extra pink body shell

The car has double car body, you can get two car body (green and pink) when you buy the rc car, so that your car has different changes.

With the unique two car body shell, you can experience double-sided life.

Its elegant streamlined car body is very aesthetic, but also can bring faster speed.

The powerful power comes from the powerful motor, super speed, the agile control will make you the center of the eye between friends.

Do not hesitate to get it and introduce it to those who need it.

car body

car body

Super configuration-2 Large Capacity Batteries

The RC car adopts Full-vehicle transmassion bearings, high-performance motor, 40A electric speed controller,rubber tire and two 1000 Mah Batteries.

Except that all its four-wheel independent suspensions are fitted with springs, its excellent off-road performance and articulated front and rear suspension make the body of cross-country vehicle more flexible, which play a role of shockproof.

Due to its rubber tires and shock-proof washers, The 1/16 RC truck has extraordinary grip force and maneuverability.



Super Performance-All Terrain Rc Car

All terrain rc car! Nowhere is impossible to be conquered.

The structure is stable,which can protect itself from abrasion and collision. This car will be your best playmate outdoors.

IPX4 waterproof level, the internal components are not afraid of water, even if the road ahead is muddy, it is still moving forward.

The RC truck is the perfect gift for children and adults.









product data

RC Car Scale: 1/16

Charging time: 100 minutes

Remote Control Range: about 80 meters

Play Time: Up to 40 minutes(2 X Li-ion 7.4V,1000mAH Battery)

Speed: topping up to 40km/h

frequency: 2.4G

car battery: 7.4V 1000mAh

height of the car: 118MM

Half width of car: 117MM

Product configuration

Brushed DC electric motor

Rubber tires

Sealed ball bearings

Four wheel independent

Suspension system

Stuck protection

Charging pressure limiting protection

over-discharge protection

thermal protection on PCB

Package Includes

1 X High-Speed RC car

2 X car body shell

2 X Li-ion 7.4V,1000mAH Battery For car

1 X Complete 2.4GHz remote control (3pcs of 1.5V Batteries not supplied)

1 X USB Charger

1 X English user manual

This RC CAR is designed for you

Keeping an attitude of excellence is just to provide an exciting gift for you and your loved ones.

Don’t hesitate anymore, this is the best for you.



2 X 1000 Mah
2 X 850 Mah

Play Time
40 min
40 min

Strong driving force of such RC car derives from brushed DC electric motor.The 4WD truck has a maximum speed of 40km/h, bringing the driver great pleasure.The RC truck is the perfect gift for children and adults.
Such vehicle adopts the classical model design, equipped with sealed ball bearings, rubber tires, independent suspension system and stuck protection.The vehicle be able to conquer a series of complicated terrains, such as grassland, sands, and bumpy grounds.
Equipped with 2.4GHz full-function radio control system, the control range covers 80 meters approximately with stability. Because of such excellent 2.4GHz radio system, it enables you to race with your friends in multiple cars simultaneously, without worrying about any electronic interference.
Apart from excellent off-road performance and articulated front and rear suspension, independent suspension are equipped with springs, enabling off-road car body more flexible, so as to play an anti-shock role.
Equipped with two long-time service 7.4V 1000 mAh Li-Po battery packs, and one qualified USB charger.In order to protect the Li-ion battery pack better, you must remove the lithium battery without using the truck. Without any hesitation, this is the car that suits you best.