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GOOACC 12V 5 Pin Relay with Harness Socket
Relay is an electrical control device that usually used in automatic control circuit.
The relay in fact is an automatic switch which uses a smaller current to control a larger current.
In the circuit, it functions as automatic adjustment, security protection and conversion circuit.

Compatible with almost all automobiles and devices equipped with a 12 V DC power supply.
Wide range of use, can be used in automotive setup, seat warming, vehicle lighting system, car sound system and various other applications.

Contact Capacity
Normal Switching Capacity (Resistance load)

NO (Normal Open) 40A 14VDC
NC (Normal Closed) 30A 14VDC
Max. Switching Current 40A
Max. Switching Voltage 30VDC
Max. Switching Power 560W

Performance Parameter
Contact Material Silver Alloy
Contact Resistance 50m¦¸ Max.
Operate time (at nominal volt.) 10 msec. Max.
Release time (at nominal volt.) 5 msec. Max.
Insulation Resistance 100M¦¸ Min. (DC500V)
Dielectric Strength
Between open contacts AC500V, 5060 Hz 1Min.
Between coil and contact AC500V, 5060 Hz 1Min.
Vibration Resistance Acceleration of 6g, 10-55Hz
Shock Resistance Acceleration of 30g, 10-55Hz
Endurance (operations)
Mechanical (at 10,800 ops.h) 10,000,000
Electrical (at 900 ops.h) 100,000
Ambient Temperature -40¡ãC ~ +125¡ãC (no condensation)

HIGH SWITCHING CAPABILITY: 5-Pin SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) 30/40 A Relay.
INTERLOCKING RELAY SOCKET: The relay socket harness base is interlocking designed for easy cable management and organization.
GREAT QUALITY: The durable relay and heavy duty relay socket with 5 wires are made by high-grade materials to ensure superior quality.
WIRE INSTRUCTION: Black – (85), Red – (87a), White – (86), Yellow – (87) and Blue – (30).
PACKAGE INCLUDE: 6 relays & 6 relay sockets with wires