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(as of Sep 28,2022 02:39:29 UTC – Details)

Hey! My name is Mitchell McBrayer and I’m the owner of EVO Fitness.
Over the years, travel and work has made it more and more difficult for me to maintain a consistent exercise schedule. It felt impossible to make progress in the gym.
It felt wrong that I had to keep picking between work, family, my passions, and fitness.
Thus, I used my knowledge of product design and fitness to make EVO Gym not just a great product for working out, but one that is as convenient and portable as possible.
I value time and freedom and believe that we all deserve more of both.
So I welcome you to join the EVO family and experience the liberation of achieving unparalleled workout quality and the freedom of staying fit from anywhere, anytime.
EVO Gym is the ultimate all-in-one compact home gym system for full body training. We have broken the mold of sacrificing strength, stability, and total resistance for portability.
We created the most powerful and high quality portable fitness equipment out there in order to induce the consistency and training caliber that you need to see results.
– 1 EVO Gym Base / Resistance Band Platform
– 1 EVO Steel Workout Bar
– 1 EVO Hook
– 2 Handles
-2 Ankle Straps
– 1 Door mount
– An emailed copy of the EVO Gym Guide, Safety Instructions, and Training Videos
A busy day no longer means missing another workout. You can workout at home, in your hotel room, from your office – anywhere life takes you.
Our home fitness equipment works for outside exercise. You can perform any movement you can think of with our all in one personal home workout equipment.
*Before using your EVO Gym, make sure to read your safety manual, which will automatically be emailed to you or found at the site indicated in your box.

AS SEEN ON KICKSTARTER – PATENT PENDING – We were dissatisfied with other home gyms. So, we developed a better one. EVO Gym is ultra portable while delivering unrivalled strength, durability, and quality. No sacrifices made. Right out of the box you can train with anywhere from 10 to 320LBS of fine-tuned resistance and perform hundreds of exercises.
A FULL GYM YOU CAN TAKE ANYWHERE – EVO Gym is the world’s only fully-equipped home gym that fits in your backpack, delivering peerless portability. Simply pack your bars and handles into the base and you can store it in your carry on or even a large purse. Others may claim to be portable, but are far too bulky and inconvenient to travel with.
MAXIMUM TENSION and MAXIMUM RESULTS – EVO Gym provides a workout experience second to none. Reinforced with Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, our base will never wobble or bend when you load it up for your work out. With EVO Bands, you don’t have to worry about keeping tension when performing movements. Squats, deadlifts, presses. You name it. It just works.
LIMITLESS VARIETY – With EVO Gym’s versatile set of accessories, you can track your progress and move toward your goals for weight loss and muscle gain. With our ankle straps, door anchor, and EVO hook, the possibilities are endless. Our portable workout equipment is perfect for men, women, beginner, and advanced weight trainers.
SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS, TRAINING VIDEOS, AND 1 YEAR BAND – When you get your EVO Gym, you will be emailed a link to all of our training videos, safety Instructions, and Guides. Plus, EVO Gym comes with a year long band for your 10 Bands – 2x10lbs, 2x20lbs, 2x30lbs, and 4x50lbs. With an extra pair of 50lb bands, you can load up to 400lbs!
Included components: 1 EVO Gym Base, 1 EVO Steel Workout Bar, 10 EVO Bands, 1 EVO Hook?, 2 Handles, ?2 Ankle Straps?, 1 Door mount?, An emailed copy of the EVO Gym Guide, Safety Instructions, and Training Videos