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Please check the pictures for correct sizes and measurements. || Grilles and diffusers are the integral elements of a ventilation system. Operation of the ventilation system as a whole depends upon the correct choice of these components to control the movement of air in and out of the premise. A wide range of products and modern functional design of the grilles made by Repa Market enable finding an optimal solution for any interior. The use of high quality raw material provides durability of products operating inside and outside the premises.With the current rapidly growing focus on quality of life and comfort requirements in residential and working premises, the importance of ventilation is more significant than ever. Even in the well designed and maintained building, a person can be uncomfortable if the system for air exchange is not working or is functioning incorrectly. In premises where the air is always fresh, people feel more active, relaxed, healthy, and have good appearance and capacity for work. Installation of a ventilation system is liable engineering and technical task. Our health depends upon the operation of ventilation system and its components. That is why the choice of ventilation equipment is primary for quality, reliability and environment friendly conditions. ”Repa Market” is a young developing company which offers quality, reliable and functional products, interesting designer solutions, wide opportunities of choice and beneficial terms of cooperation.
Durable Material: Made of clean gloss white lightweight plastic and is rust free
Reduces or increases in steps from of 3, 4, 5, or 6 Inch // 80/100/120/125/150 mm
ALL in one: This is a very practical robust, solid duct reducer or increaser which can be used when connecting two different, solid or flexible ducts or ducts to ventilators, or vice versa, from small to large, larger to small
Can be used with HVAC systems: bathroom extractor fans, inline ventilators, cooker hoods, tumble dryers, hydroponics, kitchens or, anywhere else in the apartment, home or office space.
INSTALLATION: Measure the different diameters of the ducts and then cut the duct reducer to the size needed. Insert the duct connector into or on the the pipes and then push them together. Easy! Duct tape or flexible duct clamps may be required for a perfect seal. Tools for cutting are not provided, we suggest a saw.