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BCAA powder, or energy powder, contains essential amino acids, which are referred to as branched chain amino acids because they have a chemical structure which separates them from the rest of the essential amino acid family. BCAA’s make up 40% of total body protein content and represent around 15 to 25 percent of total protein intake overall. BCAAs are found in their greatest natural quantities in products such as red meat and many types of dairy. This BCAA powder is at a ratio of 3:1:2 of leucine, isoleucine, and valine and is derived from corn. Leucine is the product of protein hydrolysis by way of various enzymes present in the pancreas. This reaction is part of the overall digestive process. Isoleucine may help stimulate the production and circulation of energy throughout the body.* Valine is essential in maintaining the structure of various proteins into which it has been incorporated. BCAA powder is commonly taken by athletes and body builders as muscle-building and endurance supplements. BCAA powder, or BCAAs amino acids for women, may work with protein to help build strength, assist with muscle recovery after strenuous workouts, and promote muscle endurance and it helps with workout chains.* BCAA powder, or pre workout vegan supplement, may also help maintain healthy weight in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, and support the liver.* Our Branched Chain Amino Acid supplements, BCAA 3:1:2 is available is in powder form.
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🩹 Supports Muscle Recovery & Endurance – BCAAs, or BCAAs Amino Acids Powder, are essential for protein synthesis, which is necessary for muscle growth and repair.* Whether you’re an athlete, bodybuilder or just starting out, proper muscle recovery or workout recovery is key to success. Don’t let soreness slow you down – our BCAAs, a workout powder, may helps promote muscle recovery after a strenuous workout or activity for athletes and anyone who wants to improve their performance.*
💚 Maintains Liver Health – Your liver is responsible for metabolizing proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Not only that, it also purges harmful substances from the body.* This BCAA supplement, an amino acids supplement for men and amino acids supplement for women, can help support these processes. BCAAs contributes to healthy and functional liver, making this pre-workout powder a must-have for anyone looking to stay healthy.*
🏃 Supplement your Workout – Adding BCAAs, or vegan pre workout supplement, to your supplement routine with 3:1:2 ratio, a perfect ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine for optimal absorption and performance. This BCAA Amino Acids, or intra workout supplement, is also available in 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAAs, or Branch Chain Amino Acids Supplements, can help you reach your daily protein goals, and support your overall health and fitness goals.
⭐ High Quality – All products by BulkSupplements are manufactured according to cGMP Standards to ensure the highest quality for manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and holding operations. We’ve made a significant investment in our in-house lab so we can test our products at multiple stages during production. We third party test products, procedures and equipment when required to ensure compliance, standards and consistency.