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Questions you might be meet(If you have any questions, you can leave us a message please, we will reply you as soon as possibile.) 1,How far is the actual call distance of the walkie-talkie? We tested the actual communication distance for the walkie talkie Near the center of many tall buildings in the city, it can reach about 0.5 miles When we conduct a call test along the coast or plain, it can reach about 3 miles without any obstacles such as tall buildings or other mountains. So the actual communication distance depends on the obstructions of the terrain environment where you are using the call 2,How long does it take to fully charge the walkie-talkie, and how long can it actually be used? Frequent use can last for 8-12 hours, .Longer if moderately use IF a battery with 0 capacity need about 3-8 hours to fully charge The longest standby time when turned on can reach about 5 days. 3,How to use the walkie-talkie? Open the box and install the battery,you can rotate the knob above to turn on the power, adjust the volume, select the channel, and the intercom will broadcast the voice to you during the operation. Press and hold the ppt button to talk to complete the intercom, not only suitable for adults, but also convenient for the elderly and children. 4,My place is noisy, can I use the walkie-talkie? Walkie-talkie equipped with headphones Each headset has a ppt button mic, which is convenient for you to use in noisy environments. 5,How to use the flashlight function? Long press a button under the PTT button, the flashlight will light up, and press the flashlight again to flash. Convenient for you to use in the dark without electricity, or as a distress signal when in danger