Price: $11.96 - $9.05
(as of Sep 29,2022 06:44:53 UTC – Details)

Product Features:

Light-weight: Easy to transport, you can bring it to the playground and park.

Fun blue color: The color is very pleasant for children and adults.

Visually Appealing: The visual representation of time is reassuring, and it’s self-policing.

No Alarm: You won’t be interrupted while you are thinking though the sand is gone.

No Break: The plastic around the outside of the hourglass is as sturdy as we describe.

For All Ages: This sand timer is made for both kids and adults.

Product Function:

For Kids:

<1> Of course we all have electronic devices that could do the same thing, but then kids tend to tinker with the device instead of spending their time studying.

<2> For those kids who have trouble staying focused for extended periods of time.

<3> Encourage your kids to build their attention and stay on task, making it fun to “beat the sand”.

<4> Give your kids a heads up on when you are leaving, eating or going potty.

<5> Perfect for helping those who are learning the concept of time.

For Adults:

<1> Help you focus and completing your work on time.

<2> Keep you from spending too much time on one project when you have several things to do in the day.

<3> Use the sand timer for cooking, doing housework, doing mask, sauna sessions, yoga, mediation and other activities.

<4> An attractive decoration piece to your desk top in office.

Why we need this sand timer?

Nobody likes to be ‘plucked’ out of what they’re doing, and this allows the child to understand that he has some more time to do what he’s doing, but then we must move on.

We rarely have any ‘battles’…the deal is, when the sand is all gone, we do what Mommy/Daddy/Grandma said we have to do.

Highly recommend for teachers and parents!!!
NO BREAK MATERIAL – The plastic protective covering is great to prevent breakage, and the inside is made of sturdy glass, so it is safe and helpful for you.
SMOOTH SAND – Because of the delicate glass inside, the sand timer flows very smooth, no shaking required.
MULTIPLE TIMING OPTIONS – 5mins/10mins/15mins/20mins/30mins/40mins/50mins/60mins are available.
DECORATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL – The visual representation of time can help those who are learning the concept of time and help children with things such as waiting and having time limits for doing homework, taking turns, tracking computer time etc.
WELL PACKAGED – The sand timer is well wrapped with a box and foam, if you receive a broke one, we promise you will get a new replacement as soon.