Price: 39.51 - 30.03

Material: Latex, Fabric
Color: Camouflage Green, Camouflage Orange(optional)
Pattern: 45lb(Max. 24KG), 90lb(Max. 60KG)
Overall Dimensions: 12 x 91cm / 4.7 x 35.8in(approx.)
Resistance Rope Length: 77.5cm / 30.5in(approx.)

● There are two ways the equipment used in training: bench press, hold the soft handle by your hand,and the pad is placed between the armpit and the waist, or you can use it with a weight bar. Push-up, adds resistance for a more intense training.
● With this device, it helps you save time and makes push-ups significantly harder. Another advantage of band resistance training is the resistance increases with the range of motion, which is different from regular weight training.
● Exercises are completed by using three easily interchanged, high strength resistance rope that can be adjusted to provide the optimum amount of resistance, depending on the exercise and the person completing it.
● To increase or decrease the intensity of the exercise simply add or remove one or two of the three resistance rope on one side before starting your workout.

Package Included:
1 x Push-up Resistance Band (excluding other decorations)
Instruction is not included. Hope a nice day!